TrueCall Map

Although Newfield Wireless’ roots are in the RF engineering consulting business, we developed internal-use software applications to complement our service offering. Some of these products continue to be used by our internal experts, but we have also expanded and commercialized others for use by wireless operators and their suppliers.

Our approach to product development is heavily influenced by our technical engineering team. We continuously look for new ways to solve common problems, deliver unique software solutions and provide products that deliver a competitive advantage to our customers. 

About TrueCall®

A vendor-independent solution, TrueCall® is a mobile geoanalytics platform that provides network data that enables operators to drive new technologies, such as LTE, VoLTE, small cells, SON and HetNet, improve network performance, target geomarketing services, optimize the customer experience and more. 

With TrueCall®, operators can answer vital questions, including: 

Where are my demand hotspots?

Where are my customers using their devices?

How can I compare device performance on the network?

When and where should I deploy small cells?

How can I deliver a better VIP experience?

What is the impact to my network of a new device?

Where are my customers experiencing dropped calls?

How do I confidently deploy VoLTE at a lower cost?

How can I reduce reliance on drive testing?